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happy eid gais
Saturday, June 23, 2018 11:16 AM | by ledlykey 0 comments
i didnt keep my promise so i wont promise about updating anymore :')

2 weeks free from school. done all my final papers. now im planting some grape seeds but since we're living in tropical country so uknow lah kan haha (pls laugh at my small jokes)

so far, boleh lah kata dah sudah habis beraya. im not a 'raya kan sebulan' kind of person.
now im focusing on hibernating hehe but actually i have many goals and missions need to be accomplished these 3 months yea (can say i just have 2 months left :')) need to stay productive so how to cancel my hibernating phase 

im repeating muet this july. so i need to selongkar balik my matrik boxes and also i need to learn some basic japanese, memorize hiragana & katakana alphabets bc next sem i'll taking japanese classes haaaaa

salam aidilfitri from me ✌️

atuk & mak (grandma) ❤

thank you for always kidnapping me

after 8th house in one day 😪
this kid was in charged for capturing photos that day but nah most of photos turned not as good as his own 😤 
thank you for dropping by! 🌼

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