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Friday, March 9, 2018 5:36 AM | by ledlykey 0 comments
Hello peeps!

okay from now on I have decided to frequently updating my blog & talking about my uni activities. a year ago I promised to keep updating to you guys but I'm sorry I actually didn't have so much time for that.

so I just finished week 4 for my 4th semester. this sem I have to attend 4 labs per week & of course it's quite tiring. I have lab from Tuesday to Friday *cries. and also I take swimming classes on Saturday which means I can't go home on the weekend :(

these days I've been listening to 

all of my life // cover by jungkook

I'm always a big fan of jungkook's voice :)))
and also my current favouriite drama now

Mother (2018)

this drama is an adaptation from Mother (2010) [japanese version] 
but personally, I like korean version more than japanese one. for your information, I cry for every episode okay harhar. this drama is still ongoing (15th march will be the last episode) but worth for watch. I don't want to do the review of it //i don't want to be a spoiler korang pergi tengok terus jela haha// you can search it by yourself 

that's all for today, let's meet again in my next entry. remember,

"love yourself, love myself" 

"an infj/infp, a rebel, rambles a lot"
"happiness is not coming from others, it's coming from your choice"
hello //
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